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The BEST of The Recruiters Institute

APRIL 2018

Topic:  How Admissions Can Help You Enlarge Your Recruiting Budget and Enhance Your Recruiting Success

Speaker:   Dan Gallagher

Dan Gallagher is the former Director of Admissions at the Stevens Institute of Technology. He gave this superb presentation at The Recruiters Institute seminar.  In his talk, he revealed insider information on how your Admissions Department can help you both enlarge your recruiting budget and enhance your recruiting success.


The Monthly FEATURED SPORT from Recruit Right

APRIL 2018

Featured Sport:  NCAA Division III Softball 

There are several recruiting challenges facing NCAA Division III softball coaches. The Recruiters Bible - 3rd Edition gives you multiple ideas on how to recruit the best men's basketball players to your program.

The product mentioned here is only one of many.  For the entire list of recruiting challenges and the resources to answer them or give you some guidance, go to RECRUIT RIGHT.


SYSTEMS APPROACH Package of the Month

APRIL 2018

SYSTEMS APPROACH Package of the Month:

Championship Recruiting Systems for Women's Volleyball - Edition 1

Speakers:  John Cook, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Jamie Holmes, Ohio State; Kris Russell, Wisconsin-Whitewater

In this special product,  the women's volleyball recruiting systems for 2017 National Champion Nebraska, Ohio State, and Wisconsin-Whitewater are discussed in detail.  A great edition to your personal coaching library. 

[Note to Purchaser: A copy of  the Championship Systems Approach Package includes one copy of the CD recorded live at the presentation, plus all of the notes and inserts from the seminar notebook for that specific session.]


Vintage SMALL SCHOOL Recruiting Tips

APRIL 2018

Topic:  Closing the Deal in Division III

Speaker: Teri Clemens

Teri Clemens is the former head women's volleyball coach at Washington University in St. Louis.  She gave this talk at The Recruiters Institute seminar.

In this cutting-edge presentation,  Teri gives you Hall-of-Fame information on how to close the deal in Division III recruiting.

If you recruit at a small school, you should seriously consider checking out this vintage small school recruiting resource.




APRIL 2018

Topic: Establishing Your Recruiting Image: What are You Selling and Why?

Speaker:  Erin Appleman

Erin Appleman is the head women's volleyball coach at Yale University.  She gave this talk at The Recruiters Institute seminar.

In this outstanding presentation, Erin gives you insight on how to establish your recruiting image. Take advantage of her expertise and purchase this resource today.