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INSIDE RECRUITING: The Master Guide to Successful College Athletic Recruiting - Volume I

INSIDE RECRUITING ™ : The Master Guide to Successful College Athletic Recruiting - Volume I  is now available as an exciting E-Book download.   

Through the wonders of technology, this past BEST SELLER has been resurrected from the Out-of-Print graveyard to active E-Book status.  The first edition in the popular Inside Recruiting series has been widely embraced by college coaches nationwide.

In this ground-breaking book, college coaches now have a written resource to aid them in the ever-changing, always-exciting experience called college athletic recruiting.  Volume I contains recruiting secrets, strategies, tips and techniques from the country's top college athletic recruiters.


" Inside Recruiting    is a book that anyone serious about being a successful recruiter must have.  Every aspiring young recruiter and established assistant coach should read this book."

Jessie Evans, Head Men's Basketball Coach
University of Southwestern Louisiana

"Inside Recruiting   is an outstanding collection of philosophies, strategies, and details used by highly successful recruiters.  Coaches from many different sports share insightful ideas that have worked for them.  Since recruiting is the name of the game on the college level, this book will aid all coaches in that important process."

Cecile Reynaud, Head Volleyball Coach
Florida State University

The retail price of this BEST SELLER E-Book is $12.95.



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