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INSIDE RECRUITING: The Master Guide to Successful College Athletic Recruiting - Volume II

INSIDE RECRUITING ™: The Master Guide to Successful College Athletic Recruiting - Volume II  is now available as an exciting E-Book download.

Through the wonders of technology, this past BEST SELLER has been resurrected from the Out-of-Print graveyard to active E-Book status.  This second edition in the popular Inside Recruiting series has been widely embraced by college coaches nationwide.      

In the second edition of this ground-breaking book, college coaches and administrators again have a written resource to aid them in the ever-changing, always-exciting experience called college athletic recruiting.  Volume II again contains recruiting secrets, strategies, tips and techniques from the country's top college athletic recruiters.


"After reading my copy of Volume I, I have found Inside Recruiting to be a great base of reference for me.  The book has cornered the market on not only helping college coaches with their recruiting, but also in providing a forum that could help any business or group of people who communicate and utilize salesmanship as a living."

Tom Crean, Head Men's Basketball Coach
Indiana University

"X's and O's are important, but recruiting is essential.  You cannot be successful in college athletics without recruiting and you cannot recruit successfully unless you read and utilize Inside Recruiting .  This book is a must in every college coach's library."

Gene Reese, Athletic Director
Ancilla College

The retail price of this BEST SELLER E-Book is $12.95.

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