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INSIDE RECRUITING: The Master Guide to Successful College Athletic Recruiting - Volume III

INSIDE RECRUITING ™: The Master Guide to Successful College Athletic Recruiting - Volume III  is now available as an exciting E-Book download.

Through the wonders of technology, the past BEST SELLER has been resurrected from the Out-of-Print graveyard to active E-Book status.  This third edition in the popular Inside Recruiting series has been widely embraced by college coaches nationwide.

In the third edition of this ground-breaking book, college coaches and administrators again have a superb written resource to aid them in the always-exciting, ever-changing experience called college athletic recruiting.  Volume III once again contains recruiting strategies, secrets, techniques and tips from the country's top college athletic recruiters.


"Ask any collegiate coach what is the most important aspect of a successful program and they will answer 'recruiting.'  Coaches are constantly looking for an 'edge' in the recruiting process.  Inside Recruiting can be that edge.  I have found the book to be extremely helpful in terms of giving our program new ideas and strategies to recruit more effectively."

Steve Swanson, Head Women's Soccer Coach
University of Virginia

"Inside Recruiting is an excellent source of information for recruiters at all levels.  The ideas and philosophies shared in this book allow coaches to look at what successful recruiters are doing and adapt those techniques to their own needs.  This book is required reading for our entire coaching staff."

Jeff Brookshire, Assistant Head Football Coach
University of Tennessee-Martin

The retail price of this BEST SELLER E-Book is $12.95.

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