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Introducing the answer to every college athletic recruiter's dream!

A RESOURCE that offers guidance to the most pressing recruiting challenges in both DIVISION and SPORT!

YES, you read that correctly! RECRUIT RIGHT ™ is the premier location where the best college recruiters come for answers and guidance to their most difficult recruiting challenges.

What makes RECRUIT RIGHT ™ so special?

This website is special because, for the first time EVER, college coaches have one location that is organized by Division and Sport to help them find direction or answers to a specific recruiting challenge.

This website is also special because your PEERS have provided all the challenges! Research has been gathered from coaches in every sport and every division in college athletics. These are REAL-TIME, REAL-LIFE recruiting challenges!

How It Works

Let's say an NCAA Division II wrestling coach enters the site. After reading this cover page of information, he clicks on "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

He is then taken to a link that lists five levels of competition: Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and Junior College. He clicks on "Division II."

The next link lists all the competitive sports in Division II. He scrolls down to and clicks on "Wrestling." He can view the recruiting challenges and read the resources that are available to answer or offer guidance for that particular challenge. Shopping cart buttons are present if he wishes to purchase one of the recommended resources.

Think Outside the Box

The answers to all recruiting challenges usually lay "outside the box" of normal thinking. You can expect the same approach for the answers/guidance for each challenge. In the vast majority of cases, the resource (CD, DVD, book, newsletter article) is going to give you an "outside the box" approach to solving your challenge. You will need to summon your individual ingenuity and creativity to procure your final answer.

How is RECRUIT RIGHT ™ different from The Recruiters Library ™?

The Recruiters Library ™ is organized by theme, i.e, Books, Video, Audio, Systems Approach Packages, etc. RECRUIT RIGHT ™ is organized by specific challenges in division and sport. Another benefit of the RECRUIT RIGHT ™ site is that you will have the opportunity to go directly to The Recruiters Library ™ to check out more resources after you've fully examined all the resources from your particular sport.

You are SECONDS AWAY from the answers to your biggest recruiting challenges!

What are you waiting for? Just click "Continue" to locate your level of competition and specific sport.

Note: If you have any questions about a recruiting challenge that is not listed under your sport, contact me at, and I'll try to give you some direction.